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 Harmonium event: The Day of the West

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Harmonium event:  The Day of the West Empty
MessageSujet: Harmonium event: The Day of the West   Harmonium event:  The Day of the West EmptyLun 21 Mai 2012 - 11:59

(In Holland we have a new tradion: Next the the Annual Meeting, we have a regional event each year. They are marked to the direction of the Wind. Last year Day of the North, this year Day of the West )

Saturday May 19 we attended a new Harmonium event at the Oude Kerk in Ouderkerk aan den IJssel. In the church we had a number of harmoniums available to play and to listen to concerts played by Klaas van Boggelen en Arie Schüller.

We started the event with coffee and tea, and subseqently entered the magnificent church building.

In the church we found an exposition created by Cor Trouwborst. In this exposition we noticed a Koralion in mint state, a collection of stopfaces, rare instruments (amongst them a small Harmonino, almost sure built by Marix), a rare Physharmonica (used in concert!)

We were welcomed by the local church organist, who is also the local historian. In this church there is a HUGE tomb for 35 / 36 family members of the family Nassau-Lelecq. The name Nassau will be known to many of you. The "Lelecq" part was started by a bastard son of Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau.

We were treated to an introduction of the church organ, built by Kam in 1854. This organ has been cared for, for over 40 years by the organist, who happened to be the local Organbuilder.....

Curious minds want to know what harmoniums were available.
* One HÖRÜGEL, ready to be treated with euthanasia due to woodworm. Even the fact it was an early Hörügel, it had to be to put to sleep forever. Hence a nice opportunity to elaborate 'How to disassembe a reed organ". And to learn why you need a screwdriver of 50 centimeter.

Also a beautiful Story & Clark with the Porcelain Stop faces. In min condition and used in concert, built ca. 1900.
A brilliant 4 jeux Merklin & Schütze (Belgian, ca. 1860) used in Concert, and afterward used to educated about treadling technique.
A mint quality Physharmonica built by Trayser of Stuttgart, ca. 1860

And there is was: A 4 jeux 2 manual Mustel: built by "Alphonse Mustel en Zonen". A most peculiar style of case, a stoplist that does not make any sense at all. No markings what so ever. And the case is obviously home-made. L'expression killed in a very skilled way. Neverthesless, it sounded an acceptable sound. But no way this is a Mustel.

We had lunch including the famous Dutch "Kroket".
During lunch we found that we attracted people not yet members of HVN. It showed, there was a visitor who told me that he liked the website of Klaas Hoek because of all the Bach chorales......................

Also there were the concerts.
Klaas van Boggelen (harmonium) and Sjanie van de Grond (flute)
1. Theme from Sheherazade ( Rimsky-Korsakoff)
2. Médodie facile (Lemmens)
3. Minuet ( Bizet)
4. Postludium (Reinhard)
5. To a Wild Rose (Mac Dowell)
6. Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saëns)

The second concert:
Klaas van Boggelen (Kam Orgel) and Sjanie v.d. Grond (flute)
1. Siciliano (J.S. Bach)
2. from Marcia Notturna nr. 4. Piece en Ré majeur (Miné, J.Cl. A.)
3. Etude ous 10 nr. 3 (Chopin)
4. from Marcia Notturna nr. 5. Piece en Ré majeur (Miné, J.Cl. A.)

Next: Rembrandts Anatomic Lessons:
Arie Schüller dissassembled the Hörügel mentioned earlier. He asked for some help. And in no time Willemijn (one of the vistors) desmanteld the instrument bare handed.
The organ has found its final hour.

The third concert:
Arie Schüller, playing multiple instruments

1. Sonatina in G. Major - William H. Maxfield | Story & Clark
2. Cantilene - William H. Maxfield | Story & Clark
3. Andantino opus 51 no 3 - Charles P.F. Quef | Merklin & Schütze
4. Prière opus 50 no 4 - Charles P.F. Quef | Merklin & Schütze
5. Minuetto opus 52 no 4 - Charles P.F. Quef | Merklin & Schütze
6. Introduction, Thema et Variation - Carl Georg Lickl | Trayser physharmonica
7. March - William H. Maxfield | Story & Clark
8. Evening Song - William H. Maxfield | Story & Clark
9. Communion opus 50 no 3 - Charles P.F. Quef | Merklin & Schütze
10. Andante Grazioso opus 51 no 1 - Charles P.F. Quef | Merklin & Schütze
11. Final opus 61 no 11 - Charles P.F. Quef | Merklin & Schütze

The event was free of charge.
And attended by over 40 visitors, including a skilled soprano who did not sing one note.

And finally I would like to mention that the writer of this message had his Nikon camera available, and I managed to create a webshot album, containing 78 pictures.
The link to the album is:


The next reed organ / harmonium event will be held in the U.K. And the review posted to this list will have 250 more words than this review.


Frans van der Grijn

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Harmonium event:  The Day of the West Empty
MessageSujet: Re: Harmonium event: The Day of the West   Harmonium event:  The Day of the West EmptyMer 23 Mai 2012 - 10:39

Thanks a lot, Frans, for all these pictures and informations !
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Harmonium event: The Day of the West
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