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 Building drawings

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Building drawings Empty
MessageSujet: Building drawings   Building drawings EmptyJeu 28 Nov 2013 - 15:17

One of the first results of the trip to Stuttgart is now available as an Acrobat file.

In 1896 Schiedmayer Pianofortefabrik (earlier J. & P. Schiedmayer had a new factory built under the guidance of Bihl & Wolzt Architects in Stuttgart, at the Schiedmayer plant at the corner of Neckarstraße 12 and Ulrichstraße 3.

First of all we acquired a high resolution copy of the technical drawing of the facade of the apartment included in this factory.

In 1934 (8 of March) the CEO Max Schiedmayer Senior requested copies of the drawings from 1896.

So we see the handwritten request, and the reply of Bihl & Woltz in typewriter font.

Also in the file is the 5 pages “Request for permission to erect a new factory building including an apartment.

By the way: each of the Neckarstraße 12-14-16 and Ulrichstraße 1-2-3 factory buildings have “Wohnhäuser” (apartments) built in. From other files acquired in the research we know who lived in these respective apartments.

Drawings consist of a series of images, showing all the levels and the floorplan and its use. The building was fitted with an elevator (lift); garderobes and toilets on each level.

The Acrobat you are about to see, is (due to copyright issues) decreased in appr. 50% of the originals, and also compressed to appr. 50% of the original.

From yet another files (or even more: a series of files) we made a listing of factory buildings.

Schiedmayer Söhne Schiedmayer Pianofortefabrik

Neckarstraße 12 (1821)
Neckarstraße 14 (1853) Neckarstraße 12 (1853)
Neckarstraße 14-16 Ulrichstraße 1-2-3 **(1896)
Saarbrücken (1926) Pfitzerstraße 33 (1897) *
Heilbronnerstraße (1964) ** Eslingerstraße in Altbach (1911)
Eslingerstraße Altbach (1964) Wernau am Neckar (1985)
Wendlingen am Neckar (2000)
* = no image available
** = construction drawings available



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Building drawings
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