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 Weekly update

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MessageSujet: Weekly update   Weekly update EmptyDim 15 Aoû 2010 - 16:22

Sunday August 15 2010

This week has been a vibrant one with regard to my website.
In the History part of my website http://www.harmoniumnet.nl/Lenter-Orgelharmonium.html was an often visited page. Did you have the time to enjoy the recording of this instrument? The link to the soundtrack is on the page.
However at the end of this week it was beaten by http://www.harmoniumnet.nl/mustel-3m-harmoniumcelesta-pedals.html
It was a curious way to build a page. It started with some documentation from the French harmonium annual 'Harmonium en Peril' no. 6 2001
My start was to enhance the documents and start a search for details about the church where this Mustel harmonium was played by the local organist.
During building Louis Huivenaar replied to me about the page and all of the sudden the page started growing, showing pictures not seen before.
The Mustel part of the website is now my priority. I have an article designed by Victor Mustel himself, and edited by a ghost-writer (whose name is revealed long ago). This article is 32 pages in French only. Next week it will be online, with an explanation by musician, harmoniumrestorer and historian Mark Richli from Zürich, Switzerland
And (imagine the sound of trumpets and posaunes): A couple of Stereo Images. To see what they really are, you need to cut out a piece of cardboard 8 inches high and 8 inches wide. Put this exactly in the middle of the picture and keep your nose tip to the piece of paper. You should see a 3-D image than.
Here to see: http://www.harmoniumnet.nl/history-builders-Debain.html
And - of course - don't forget to listen to the new Bach chorale: http://www.harmoniumnet.nl/Bach-chorals.html
again, as each week an example of the musical crafts of the Master. And played by an contemporaine master too...

Next week we will have new pages. And next: a week on holidays in a little village where The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium touch, all three of them.
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Weekly update
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