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 Un Burdett bellisimo with strange options

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Age : 65
Date d'inscription : 25/09/2010

Un Burdett bellisimo with strange options Empty
MessageSujet: Un Burdett bellisimo with strange options   Un Burdett bellisimo with strange options EmptyMar 28 Sep 2010 - 9:46

I had a dream that one day on I would be able to salve a mystery that up until today was not solved by any member of the worldwide reed organ society. It was a dream in the depth of the night that revealed the truth to me.

Given the fact that no member of the worldwide society solved the problem and the mystery remained at unsolved on this page of my website:


And now, my friends, I do believe I have solved the problem. Even though it came to me through a dream in the darkest moment of the night.

There is a supplemental chest, just above the Great chest, mounted in an angled position. And the stops in this chest, there are two of them, can only be played by use of an additional coupler Great to Spmt.

The only mystery not revealed to you is the asking price of this gorgeous instrument. And yes, I KNOW the amount asked. And I'd like to reveal it to you, but I don't have that liberty.

Maybe someone in Holland will buy it. The thought of that gives me the 'Calimero' feeling. "It is not fair, o yeah, you have the money and I don't. It is not fair!"

Okay, I should see a shrink for having dreams on a Burdett. Now added the Calimero, I have two arguments to make an appointment soon.

The only thing you have to do now is visit the page mentioned above, and see the explanation, and the additional pictures added to the page.

Other messages about new items and updates will be in a seperate message soon. Because, 'organize, organize" my shrink yelled at me.

Thank you for your time spent on this message.

Frans van der Grijn
(should I change my name to 'Joseph' for having colourful dreams)
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Un Burdett bellisimo with strange options
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